Coming Soon: Earth Medicines

Foundations Natural Health is based on Earth Medicines used in a Sustainable fashion. What I will always ask myself as a medical advisor in your trusted care is, “What am I hearing that this person needs?”, “What are they asking for from my care?”, “What serves this person best in their Healthcare overall?”

I am not trying to sell you supplements. It’s my goal not to try to sell you anything. As a matter of fact, I would deeply like the world to need and use less over time. At the same time, I will never judge someone for using what they need for their better health, including pharmaceuticals, supplements, or medical devices. I want to help the world one person at a time to understand and access their basic needs, what’s benefiting their optimal health, and find more beauty in what they have or are creating in their life. This is the same goal I have in my own day-to-day at this time, so I am how I treat.

Sometimes in a person’s care I will see that they need a ‘Medicine’. My first go-to are herbs and energy medicines, like Acutonics®, Tuina, Cupping, or other Naturopathic Counseling based modalities. Other times, I will see that the body needs a remedy or supplementation in pill or liquid form. I occasionally use acupuncture needles, but do so sparingly.

The acupuncture of today is most commonly plastic and metal non-reusable materials, such as single-use needles. This creates a great deal of medical waste. Thus, I use acupuncture as a medicine only when needed and where other treatments do not suffice. Also, I find Americans often cannot frequent their medical providers enough to make Acupuncture the most effective remedy. Traditionally acupuncture was performed at least once a week, if not more regularly to move and help build qi. Many modern patients have had acupuncture “once or twice”, and hope to see results. This is not realistic. It’s actually more effective for people to learn how to work with their own Qi (energy) and flow in ways of their life that they can practice at home or on the go.

I prefer Acutonics® to acupuncture, as they are reusable, can cause strong reactions and ripples in the energy vortexes of the body known as “acupuncture points”, and may have a longer lasting effect. This medicine can be the perfect blend in almost all cases of patient care, alongside herbals, diet, and exercise for the purpose of establishing healthy blood, qi, jing (essence), body fluids, and shen according to most Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics (typically tongue and pulse combined with Western assessment).

What a visit to my office might look like:

  • I start by listening to your story, and trying to hear your medical needs on a deeper level. We will broadly divide the visit into thirds for body, mind, and spirit. Expect to spend the first visit in study of self and patterns. Naturopathic Counseling is widely considered the most critical aspect of Naturopathic care, and is often seen as the missing link to healing, listening to the patient’s foundational healing needs before moving forward with appropriate analysis & treatment.
  • After hearing what your needs for the visit are, I will assess via any medical exams that we both deem might be helpful. This might include Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis, or something more complex, such as a full system exam by Western Medical standards. This will all depend on the patient’s story and presentation.
  • Assessment: I’ll let you know what I think might be happening in your story, and what I think the next best steps to take might be.
  • We finish with both treatment and treatment planning. Treatments frequently include: Acupressure point prescriptions and education for the person to work on at home, diet or herbal remedies to focus on, tuina, cupping, and other mind / body / spiritual exercises to work to build overall health.
“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall