Qi, Blood, Jing, Yin and Yang are all important energies within Traditional Eastern Medicines. The complexity of this medicine can not be explained in one article, as it is based foundationally in the study of Natural systems, systems that are very complex to assess and analyze.

As I continue to practice and learn from these medicines, I am struck by how like the study of physics it can be, with topics of movements of energies, gradients in transition from one type to another, polarizations and connections like Quantum Mechanics. It also reminds me of the topics of Alchemy, the way energies are transmuted from the photonic and external forces to the interior energies for Force and Form. A conversion occurring from the intangible to the tangible perception of space time, and modified presence of organic form.

Where do these energies materialize from then? The natural environment, everything around us and all that we interact with. We are absolutely one and connected with these energies from the views of Traditional Eastern Medicines. We absorb them, by sitting out in the Sun, our star (think vitamin D absorption from a Western Medicine perspective). Then we alchemize these energies into interior energies. We make vitamin D, a cellular product generated from Sunlight absorption. The photons set off the process, but we complete the transition through cellular design, and if we look, there is no such thing as external or internal. Everything is touching, touching, touching.

What else could we call this but human body Alchemy? Alchemy is many a thing to many different a person, but our Internal chemistry is a good place to start to create our own Golden and Radiant Health.

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